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AED Grant Information

AED Grant Information

We frequently see companies out there advertising grants for AED’s and money for the placement for AED’s. Beware of some of these companies advertising these grants.  Some online AED companies will advertise AED’s at list price, then they will ask you to fill out a bunch of “forms”, with promises of an “anonymous” company or organization granting you a cash grant (discount) for you to purchase an AED, which then brings the price to what already sells the devices for, meanwhile you have wasted all that time filling out those papers.

There are some places you can go to find money for your AED program depending on your situation. Here is a list of ideas and resources depending on your industry or situation. We have searched high and low to discover information on AED grants and here is what we have found. Keep in mind that "true grants" can take a fair amount of time to complete and get funding, you should also evaluate other funding options such as fund raisers, local business support, PTA's, Rotary Clubs and others.

The Foundation Center's mission is to help enrich the world through the effective allocation of philanthropic resources, informed public discourse about philanthropy, and broad understanding of the contributions of nonprofit activity to civil society.
Foundation Center's Defibrillator Grants

This is a downloadable AED grant resource guide on the Internet. In this guide, you will find links to the organizations that offer AED grants. This includes defibrillator grants for housing and daycare, healthcare, and education. Those individuals with a business, or those wanting to start a small business, can access resources for getting government grants to help their businesses succeed.
US Government AED Grants

This defibrillator grant Web site is presented by the Office for Domestic Preparedness of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the U.S. Fire Administration. The program is designed to assist local fire departments in protecting citizens and firefighters against the effects of fire and fire-related incidents. Applicants for AED Grants are encouraged to visit this Web site throughout the application period to obtain up-to-date information as the program progresses.
First Responder AED Grant Support

. Defibrillator grant funds will be available to local education agencies to strengthen and improve emergency response and crisis management plans.
Emergency Reponse and Crisis AED Grant Application

Medtronic Foundation. Maintaining good citizenship as a company is one of the six tenets of the Medtronic Mission, the principles that guide the company. Since Medtronic was founded in 1949, we have contributed more than $470 million in Medtronic Foundation grants, Medtronic cash contributions and medical device donations to improve the health of people and communities.
Medtronic Foundation Website

Grant information for police departments wishing to implement an AED program. More Information

Schools and Non-Profit groups are probably the most likely to receive grant funding for AED programs from government sources.

Other ideas you might consider:

  • Get help from family members, school alumni, the PTA, the PTSA, and school booster clubs.
  • Look to government and civic organizations such as Rotary, the city council, and other community-oriented groups for funding.
  • Research to find out which local corporations and hospitals have grants, funding programs and foundations interested in school AED programs.
  • Get creative: Host a bake sale, collect donations at a sporting event, or engage a local celebrity to raise money; hold an auction, benefit concert, raffle, or car wash.
For help with AED grants or for more information contact at 1-866-517-8243

Leasing- Still can’t find the funds needed to purchase AED’s? Consider a lease option. Most leases on an AED can be obtained for approximately $50-65 per month. Need help with leasing an AED? Contact us at 1-866-517-8243 and we'll be happy to assist you.

The Department of Homeland Security in some cases will  authorize grants for specific rural communities to purchase emergency equipment. DHS | State Contacts & Grant Award Information

There are many options out there for funding of your AED program and there are many ways in which you can make the purchase workable within the tight budget constraints. Northwest Health and Safety Inc. will work with schools and non-profit organizations in the way of discounts, trade-in allowances and leasing options to make your AED purchase affordable and workable within your budget. 

Northwest Health and Safety Inc. and articles are for informational use only and should not be mistaken for medical or legal advice. Northwest Health and Safety Inc. and assume no liability for the content of informational articles.

 For more AED Grant information visit

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